Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Matthew had ordered me to tell him when I picked a costume, so I did this afternoon after I ordered everything. "I picked and ordered things for a costume for Em :)"

Unusual for him, he responded immediately. "What's she going as?"

"It's a surprise," I told him.

"Perhaps for her..."

"Don't you want to be surprised, too?"

"Just to exactly what she's wearing, yes, as to the theme, no...I need to plan what I'm wearing, too."

"Oh. I just thought I'd surprise both of you."

"I want to coordinate," he responded. "Slutty Slutty school girl...teacher, etc."

I thought of the things I'd ordered to go with things we already had. What was so exciting was now so...humiliating. I considered lying, switching. I could do slutty nurse in ten minutes.

"She's..." I typed, didn't finish, didn't hit send.

"Slutty what," he typed, his words somehow demanding.

"She's going as a whore," I finished. "As your whore," I added.

"My slutty whore...well...why leave any question in anyone's mind. Hers, mine, or yours."


  1. Slutty whore. It isn't really redundant. Is it?

  2. I hope she will just be dressed as his whore, not his slave!

    1. What's wrong with a slave girl?

    2. Nothing wrong with a slave girl. A collar and some paper work are the only differences