Monday, October 13, 2014


Someone mentioned, and it's true, I don't update everything that happens with Emily, myself, Matthew, etc. That would be repetitive. And boring. I don't even update on all the exciting things, either (like when Matthew texted that he's pleased I wear a chastity cage and that conversation).

They did go out on Saturday, which was nice, it had been several weeks, and it was great watching her get dressed, great seeing the way he touched her, controlled her and us. Great pampering her afterwards.

And great what he said before they left.

"Halloween's in a few weeks, I'm taking Emily to a costume party on that Saturday. I want you to get her a costume...I know it's a cliche...the whole 'slutty this and slutty that' for Halloween, but that's what I want."

"Of course," I said watching the man who had both hands on my wife's body.

"And one other thing your wife and I talked about..."

I looked at Em, she smiled, looked down.


"It seems appropriate, Halloween and all; I expect her maid Sara to be on duty that night." My eyes went wide, he grinned. "Enough pretending, don't you think."


  1. Oh Sara! This is so exciting for you! So, so happy for you. And Emily, of course.

  2. Can't wait to hear any details, conversation you all experience. I really hope you are enjoyong yourselves. I really enjoy hearing all the details. Have fun enjoy!

  3. Mmmmm this is what you have been waiting for Sara. Lovely. I bet you can't wait. The preparations and the anticipation will be soo exciting.

    Love Tanya xxxxx

  4. Goodness ! Those legs are amazing.

  5. A few ideas for costumes !!

    Love Tanya xxx