Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh, I do...every day...every single day.


  1. There isn't a day or an hour that doesn't go by, that I don't find myself thinking about this. Gigglez. I know I'm not right n in the same essences, it just feels so right!. Like OMG porn, google,tumblr, sissy Hypnos., even Pinterest n blogs are destroying me in so many amazing ways n it's like I must enjoy it or I would have stopped. Last week it's started to effect my present day job n even my sleep, as it's like it feels so good n oh so true n right, why wouldn't one want more n more of it?

    It's like almost everything I see now reminds me that I'm a whore who needs cock n someone else to do some of my thinking, so I can spend more time with important stuff like porn n looking pretty n cock. Lol