Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Word

My phone buzzed. Matthew. He texted both of us the other day, during the day, something he does, for obvious reasons.

"Emily is my _____."

I swallowed, immediately felt myself swell in the cage, picked up my phone, typed, fingers shaking. "Whore."

I watched my phone for half an hour, unable to focus, waited for him to respond. He knew I was on edge, her too. Wanted it. Planned it. The text was about roles, asserting his dominance, his control. And, I think, about sexualizing Emily. Not in a bad way, I mean, it was kinky, dirty, sexy, erotic, and the entire thing was about sex, but a subtle reminder their relationship was based on sex, not love. It wasn't that he didn't respect Emily (or me), it's that he set the tone. And in a way reminded both of us he understood his role in, mine.

Finally, it buzzed. "Very good. Emily, how does a whore greet a man?"

"On her knees," Emily responded immediately, "waiting..."

"For," he asked.

I saw the text bubbles from Emily. Typing. Then nothing. Bubbles again. Nothing.

"Emily." Just the word, on the screen, was a rebuke. I knew...she must have too.

"Waiting for his cock." If a phone could show a blush, I'd have seen her blush.

We both waited now, for his response, my wife an I in separate buildings, sitting at our respective desks, waiting for him to respond. He knew what that wait did, of course he knew.

Finally...finally, he answered. "Such a good girl. So how do you greet me, Emily?"

I knew what was coming. "On my knees...waiting for your cock."

"She ever greet you like that," he typed, directed at me.

"No," I typed, fingers shaking. "No, Sir."

"Why," he asked, no waiting this time.

I swallowed, dared to type it...after all, he invited it. "Because I'm not a man?"

"Exactly. Something we need to talk about...soon."


  1. A beautifully humiliating exchange...thank you.

    sissy terri

  2. Ohh MY! Another meeting soon, very soon!

  3. I assume Emily is now Matthews whore on a regular basis.
    Am I right Sara ??
    Soon it will be your turn too ! mmmmmm
    Love Tanya xxxxx

  4. "Because I'm not a man?"

    Truer words were never spoken, dear. And very exciting ones too, I might add.



  5. I think the most difficult part of your life must be sharing Emily's time. I want to be with my wife every minute of every day. For me, I believe the dates where you are left at home alone would be very hard to deal with. I think that would break the deal more than the sex.

  6. I was so excited for Sara and ourselves when Matthew appeared on the scene. But it seems since he arrived either the adventures with Emily and Sara are becoming private, or it has reduced Sara's desire to blog! Happy for Sara if it is going well, but sad for those of us who were following this with anticipation :(

  7. I agree with Anonymous. Its a great shame that after 32 blogs, leading up to time Emily really became Matthews whore properly, we have heard very little - no reports on meets since 30th August, and only 12 blogs all in in September.
    Happy for Sara if alls going well. I suppose, until Matthew wants to meet Sara, in her opinion not much to blog about.

    Love Tanya xxxxx

  8. I agree. I have to stop checking in only to be disappointed. I hope all goes well for the three of you. Best of luck.