Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Way Relationship

Joyce Bruno in the comments said, "Oh MY So now HE IS IN CHARGE OF BOTH OF YOU! How are you feeling about that?"

Well, to be honest, he was in charge of both of us from go. Seriously.

And that's what makes Matthew special.

Unlike someone else (Jeff), he doesn't think he's simply fucking someone else's wife. He is, of course, but that's just part of the relationship he's in.

Yes, he gets, and always has, understood that being who he is...a single man and a dom...he's been invited into an existing marriage. He understood that from go, when we met, when he asked us what we wanted. He understood that and has worked to make sure our goals, not just his, not just Emily's, but mine also, are met.

Yes, what he wants is important...he's the dom, after all, it's only natural for him to feel like he can be assertive with his needs. But he's respective of Emily's needs and my needs.

What works is that all our wants and needs have significant areas of overlap.

But he's in charge.

And you know what, we want him in charge.

Emily and I have played with tease and denial for some time now, you all know that. But it's so powerful, so thrilling (so humiliating) to hear Matthew say it, to hear him take charge of that, to have him make sexual intercourse a monogamous activity for Matthew and Emily (or mostly so...he didn't say Emily and I can never have intercourse, just that it will be rare and at his discretion. (When and if I get to orgasm remains generally within Emily's discretion).

Of course he's in control of me. A man cannot consistently call someone else's wife 'his whore' without being firmly in control of the couple, can he?

He's been in control of Sara, too, since the beginning. He's decided the when, the how, and by taking his time, by waiting until now, he's done what he's done about everything-retained control.

The three of us set mutual round rules and boundaries, we mutually composed a musical piece.

But Matthew, as the dom, is the conductor, the maestro. He directs us, he tells us when something is more important, he gives emphasis. And rules.

He's inside both of our heads and to be honest, we trust him.

We have expectations. We expect him to be honest. We expect him to be monogamous. We expect him to treat us with respect. We expect him to remember that Emily and I are a married couple. We expect him to remember this is a threesome, not a woman cheating on her husband, so to include me. We expect him to expect us to be intimate, as a couple. We expect him to act like a masculine man, a dominant man, to take and keep control.

He has expectations, too. He expects to be the dom, he made that clear from the beginning, he will not be in a relationship where he competes with the husband. He has a busy schedule and because I certainly get much more time with Emily, he expects that she'll be available when he has time. Even on short notice. He expects Emily to be ready and in the mood when she's with him. He expects neither Emily or I will 'control from the bottom.' He expects to be treated with respect. He expects to be obeyed. He expects my wife to be his whore.

So, of course he's in control. Of all of this. Of course.


  1. Thank YOU! I will be wet all weekend just thinking of the three of you all. I would love to be in the same situation you all are in!

  2. Nice synopsis of the dynamic, Sara. In our houshold, Molly has had several relationships, but none of the men really get the cuckold dynamic as you've described it so well.


  3. Sara

    Sad you stopped communicating but glad things are working out for you.


  4. Wow, it's Monday and Friday is Halloween and the date. The anticipation is really hot and suspense is hard to take. Good luck to you all!.

  5. I am curious. I know Emily will be dressed as a whore. How will Sara be dressed?

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