Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We were in bed last night, kissing, talking about how we couldn't wait for the weekend.

"I miss it," she had said.

"Him," I asked, "or it?"

"Both," she admitted. "I miss it...it's...yea," she practically blushed. "But I miss him, too, his..."

"Masculinity," I suggested.

"Hmmm," she leaned over, kissed my nose. "He's got a way about him, doesn't he?"

"Yea," I agreed, looking away for a moment.

"You're naughty," she playfully smacked me.

"What," I protested.

"I know what you're thinking, Sara, don't get ahead of yourself, these are his decisions."


"Let it take it's time, let him meet Sara." She moved her hand down my stomach to distract me, I inhaled sharply as I swelled in the cage. "Sorry," she teased, "I shouldn't do that."

"You could...help...you know," I suggested, implying she free me.

"Not...not this close to a date," she said, "we like you to...anticipate."


"Matthew, love."

"You talk about...that?"

"Yes...some." She looked away, like she was guilty of something. "You did too," she said.

"A little," I said.

"Nice choice of words," she teased.

"What's he say? What do you talk about," I asked.

"Comparing notes, love," she teased again.


"He was surprised, he'd never been involved with anyone that did this before. Chastity. He's fascinated by it."

"That's cause he wants you for himself," I said

She took my meaning different than I meant; she took it as pouting, complaining. "Sara, he has NO issues with our intimacy, you know that," she said defensively.

"Em, I know," I said, "I didn't mean to imply he does. I was just saying he's fascinated by it because he wants intercourse for himself, not you you for himself."

"Oh," she softened. "That's it, you know, he really does encourage this," she said. "I think in other situations he felt the husband's needs...selfish needs he said...interfering with his bond with the woman. Like the husband's pestering for intercourse became a competition, a distraction."

"I can see how it would," I said.

"So he thinks this," she touched the cage, "is perfect. Plus, he said it emphasizes your...place."

"Well at least he didn't ask for the key," I joked. Her eyes darted away as soon as I said that. "Emily!"

"What? We talked about it, Sara, why wouldn't we? He's...he's in charge, isn't he?"

"Yes, but...but you're my wife!"

"You're so melodramatic. That's exactly what he said. Hell, it's what I said. He's got no issues with that...we're all on the same page...unlocking it to...you know...play...that's up to me...he has his own thoughts, of course, and tells me them...but it's my decision. We're just not allowed to...you know...but he said he told you the same thing."

Now I looked away. "He did."

"And he thinks the week before he and I go out, you shouldn't...be free...and if that was a problem, he'd be happy to hold it for the week."

"Em, no!"

"Methinks thou doth protest too much," she grinned. "We're not using it anyway, don't you think it would be...interesting...to have him hold it? Just for the week, anyway?"


"Very...symbolic...I could give it to him...or you could," she said in a tone that was half serious, half teasing.

"Em, I...I don't know," I hesitated.

"I know, love," she touched my face, "it's probably a bad idea." It might be, but it was a seed planted, too.

"You know," she said after a minute, "I like what it represents now, it like...defines roles. Some things are for Matthew, some for my pretty girl."

"Did he ask for it," I asked, unwilling to let it go.

"Ask for what?"

"The...the key?"

"He didn't ask," she said, "we talked about it, but he didn't ask for it."

"He demanded it?"

"No, Sara, he wouldn't...not that...we'd talk about something like that. All of us. I'm not sure I'd like that, anyway...I mean...I like to control some things, too. After all, you're mine, love...this is mine," she touched me. "It always will be."

"He's so...I don't know," I said.

"Masculine? Dominant? Assertive?"

"Yea," I said.

"Yea," she said.


  1. sara, I wondered if when Matthew meets sara if he would have emily unlock you to replace the lock with his own, for the duration of the date. How would you feel about that?


  2. Great post. It's tough once I get some info I thirst for much more. Is Matthew related to Thomas?

  3. What Joyce said. :)