Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey, I'm in the 1%


  1. This is a dodgy chart. Look at the online reports on penis size, and the cited studies describe mean penis size (average of all respondants) is in the range of five to six inches, with some variation across different populations. The statement at the end of the chart cannot possible be accurate; rather, the majority of men would fall between five and six inches.
    Two other interesting things appear in the literature: first, that studies show that men frequently underestimate their own penis size as part of their self-esteem, but will overstate their size when asked in surveys. And second, that when asked, most women (about 80%) don't care about a long penis. Actually, the girth of the penis is far more likely to be favorably viewed by the distaff sex. Gay guys, on the other hand, admire the long package.

  2. Yeah, totally bogus chart. Average US male erect penis is 5.5 inches. Obviously self reporting on penis size is about as flawed of a methodology as you could get.

  3. Well this little dicket sissy is in the two % range and loving my little dickie more and more. i think it is the very thing that is going to allow me to becum a cuck! steph kisses