Monday, November 24, 2014

Part 3

Well, here's some more. 


With a finger, Matthew beckoned Emily to him, closer, closer. When she was in front of him, he looked her up and down, reached out, touched the bare skin of her arms. "Look at you," he said, slowly turning her so she faced me. "Sara," he nodded to the tray, "finish preparing her, please." He pushed her forward, a step away from him, towards me.

Trying to pace my breathing, trying to ignore the tightness between my legs, the very unladylike tightness, I set the tray down, picked up the chain, and unsure what to do, knelt before my wife. "Hmmmm," Emily moaned softly.

I looked up at my wife, at my goddess, she was so beautiful, so stunningly sexy, all I could think about was how much I wanted to lean forward, lick her, kiss her, touch her but that she was his, that she was his whore for the night, not mine. She reached forward, took my head in her hands, tilted my head up, looked me in the eyes.

I love you, she mouthed, a silent message from me to her, repeated it, slowly, forming each silent word carefully and purposefully.

She let go, held her wrists to mouthed as I clipped the chain to her wrists.

And again as I stood and clipped the leash to her collar.

"She...she's ready, Sir," I said, holding the end of the leash to him, giving her to him, his whore, my wife.

"Thank you, Sara," he said taking the leash from me. He stood still for a moment while I moved back a respectful distance, then suddenly he tugged the leash, not hard, but his movement was swift and Emily half fell into him. The kiss was long and deep. Emily seemed reluctant at first, we'd talked about it, I knew she felt self-conscious kissing her boyfriend in front of me, but she warmed to it, was too overwhelmed by Matthew, his strong lead.

As they kissed, Matthew's hand wrapped around her back and I could see his strength, his hand squeezing her back through the sheer fabric as he moved it lower, first to the small of her back, lower still to her ass.

He ended the kiss, turned her around, leaned her back into him and ran his hands up her arms then inward, cupped her breasts. "So beautiful," he said, to me as much as to her.

I watched his hand touch her, looked up at my wife. mouthed again then moaned audibly as she rubbed against him, moved her hips and ass against him. He smiled, a big, content, proud smile, stood still, radiated confidence as she did the work, as she literally threw herself against him. We locked eyes, Matthew and me, it was unspoken but obvious message.

Tonight she's mine. Tonight she's my whore. Tonight I own her. Tonight she wants me. Tonight and every night I'm the man.

"Get her coat please, Sara, before I let take her to the bedroom instead of the party." My eyes went wide. "Not that you'd object...but another time."

I put the trench coat over her shoulders, I couldn't button it, simply tied the belt to hold it closed.

"Shall we, pet," he said, reached for the leash, pulled it from the coat.

"Yes, Sir," she said, looked back at me, mouthed the words again, meant them.


  1. Thanks for your update, Sara. Ignore those folks who get impatient. You have a life. :)



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