Monday, November 3, 2014

Protip: Your tummy isn't the only thing it trims, sissy.


  1. Yes, the sissy inches immediately disappear inside this lovely long line high waist panty girdle.. With no "convenience opening" in those days, a wife could send her sissy husband to work in one of these confections, adding just a loop of thread sewing the zipper puller to the waistband, and she can be sure there is one sissy cock that will not see the light of day until hubby gets home. The girdle gives such a nice line under sissy's dress slacks, with barely a bump from the garter tabs. And if her sissy deserves a spanking when he gets home, the wide stretch satin back panel offers the perfect spank spot target for a brisk and sustained application of milady's broad hairbrush, while adding the bonus of containment. Containment for the heat generated by the spanking, and containment for the extra size his bottom wants to grow from the thwarted swelling that can't happen due to the firm grip of the girdle around his hot spank surfaces.