Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Random Updates

How to give an update without writing a 10,000 word story? Can I do it in bullet points? I can (will), but it's not as hot as the other way, I know:

  • Since the Halloween thing they've had several dates.
  • Emily and I talk about it often, what she sees in him, how it fits in our lives.
  • As she has always said, she could never be with a man like that, day to day. She's too strong, too independent, and knows she would clash with someone like Matthew if they were more than lovers.
  • But for that, as lovers, he fulfills a need she has from time to time to just, well, be with a man.
  • None of this is new to either of us. She's basically 'having her cake and eating it, too' as she gets me, day to day, and him, from time to time. 
  • She knows it's selfish to want both and only a very special person would let her have both.
  • If I was worried she'd fall in love with him, I'd be terrified; I'm not worried about that at all. He's interesting, important, exciting, but not that kind of threat.
  • The thing she has with him works, in large part, because it satisfies a need I have too. Deep down, psychologically, I want to submit, I want to be humiliated, I want to be emasculated. She knows it, but so does he.
  • Feminization, submission, chastity...these are...well...just part of my core.
  • He calls me Sara more and texts with me, in conversation with her.
  • Sometimes we go a week or more with no interaction with him...we all get busy...those are nice times for Emily and I to just be us...but we miss him.
  • Yes, I typed that...sometimes I miss my wife's lover (his strength, masculinity, and power are as compelling to me as to her).


  1. Thanks for the update Sara - as you say, it really works for Emily, as she has her cake and eats it too. She is lucky to have you as her adoring husband/sissy.

    Matthew appears to have only met Sara the once, at Halloween. Is Sara likely to be more involved in the future ?? Was not the idea for BOTH of you to get what you want from this arrangement ??
    Is Emily happy just to have a lover if Sara is always to be excluded ???

    Love always

    Tanya xxxx

  2. Have you ever wondered why you need humiliation and emasculation? Has your wife ever wondered why she enjoys humiliating you and emasculating you. It is difficult for me to accept completely the idea of "I'm just wired that way" What events in the pasts of both of you led you to this lifestyle? Your need to be hurt and her need to hurt you is unlikely to be something with which you two were simply born

  3. Dear Sara,

    Following the Halloween costume party you gave a few details about the event and then after. But there is one detail that you haven't addressed. One thing your readers (or, at least, me) have been anxious to learn. Did Matthew leave you a creamy Halloween treat inside of Emily that you discovered when you went down on her after she returned to you from Matthew?