Monday, January 26, 2015


How long has it been since I was free, able, allowed to touch myself at will? Months, slipped into years.

How long has it been since I was erect, like a boy, instead of soft, like a girl? Weeks, slipped into months.

How long has it been since the feminine became the norm, the daily existence? Years, slipped into decades.

How long has it been since my pleasure was reduced to the frustrating touches through a locked cage? Since she realized this was the natural state of things.

How long has it been since I was inside her? Before him, before he claimed that right as his own.

"Do you miss it, Sara," he asked me, "do you miss being inside a woman, inside her?"

"Yes," I whispered, unable to even meet his eyes.

"Would you switch places, if you could?"

"No," I answered, not even needing to think, to consider.

"No," Matthew said, "no, of course you wouldn't."

He knew, as she did, as I did, the essence of it. The thing every sissy, every cuckold wanted so much, to be with a woman, was the thing we were most afraid of, ashamed of, trying to please a woman like a man.

That was the thing, the conflict. Surrendering. Accepting.

"What do you think of when she's gone," he asked. I hesitated. "Sara..."

"You, her."

"She's a sweet woman, she's lucky to have you."

"I'm the lucky one," I said, automatic, as it was the truth. He smiled. "What?"

"Something only someone like you would say or even understand. She's lucky, too, though, I mean it, to have someone that understands her needs, her desire to surrender now and then. Both of you, really."

I blushed, looked away, not quite ashamed, but still, humiliated by my thoughts, the feeling powerful, erotic.


  1. In truth Sara, you are both lucky to have each other. For different reasons. You are a wonderful husband/wife who understands Emily perfectly and allows her to have the one thing you cannot give her.
    She has a wonderful husband and she knows it, and would do nothing to change you. She knows who you are and what you offer. She appreciates that and would not change it.

    Love Tanya xxxxxx

    Love Tanya xxxx

  2. Darling Sara,
    I sense that not all is right with the current arrangement :

    Matthew is getting what he wants - His whore whenever he wants her
    Emily is getting what she wants - An alpha male occasionally to keep her happy.

    But Sara - what are you getting ??
    OK a happy wife. Not much else. You are doing a lot of giving and accepting, but not much back.

    You and Emily need to talk.


  3. I hope you're not getting to squirt either. Are you able to cum or just milked ?

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