Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Unlike last year, New Year's Eve was mine with Emily--we cooked, stayed in, drank some wine, played a game, talked, laughed, kissed at midnight, went to sleep in each other's arms. It was like a girl's night in.

New Year's Day? Well on Friday night, someone else rang in the new year the right way, the masculine way.

All in all, all three of us got just what we wanted.


  1. No better way to bring in the new year than your wife's BF giving her a good fucking like my wife got.

  2. Happy New Year lovely Sara and Emily. Hope its happy and healthy.

    Since Halloween, there has been little or no mention of any interaction between Sara and Matthew - he just fucks Emily when he wants. Is that the pattern ?? May be OK for Emily, but how do you feel ??

    Love Tanya xxxx

  3. What a lovely post! :)



  4. Unfortunately, my words are still true.
    We were accustomed to abundant refreshing libations,
    but now these arid things don't quench our thirst.
    How many questions are coming from our heart:
    The feelings, the looks, the words, said and unsaid, jealousy, greed, frustrations,
    the unmentionable desires, aspirations, hopes, illusions.
    How can a lover get everything for nothing?
    Stupid Cupid is a blinding God!
    But the answers for the bad people are blowing in the wind.
    We'll never know anything more about them.
    We can only hope to have some rare meaningless trash pictures.
    Nevermore, my Lenore.
    The raven

  5. Hope you were locked up still on New Years