Monday, January 12, 2015

I miss those days, it was good being the only boy in my dance class


  1. I love being the only guy among 15 women in my ballet class. They love all the different leotards and tights I have.

  2. I was the only boy,( if you could ever call me that), in my ballet class for years, until I went to the Boston Ballet Camp in high school. I always felt so wonderful being around all girls. In school all my friends were girls. I never felt so alive, as when I was dancing. Trying to be graceful, gentle, feminine, beautiful. And of course there is always the discipline of ballet.
    and....... mom was so supportive..... she encouraged me to wear my tights under sweaters at home. I loved it. Still do.
    If there ever was a "model" sissy as a was I.