Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Some days it's difficult physically.

Some days it's difficult emotionally.

Some days it's both.

Today is one of those days.

"Well you asked for it," I hear some of you say. True.

"She's being mean" or "she's thinking of only herself," others say. Not true.

I could ask her to release me. Seriously. If I go home tonight, sat her down, and asked, seriously asked, she'd unlock me. Of course she'd unlock me. If I said I can't take it, for the day or overall, she'd unlock me in a second.

She'd ask if I was sure, of course, but if I was, she would.

But it's difficult because I don't want to ask her, I don't want her to unlock me, I don't want to squirt when I want to squirt.

It's difficult physically because after a few weeks without release, I start to swell more often, at night, even during the day.

It's difficult emotionally because there are moments now and then I want to be inside her, even for a few moments.

So I could ask. She'd at least unlock me and masturbate me (as opposed to milk me locked in the cage). She might even let me inside her, though that's much less certain, at least in the short run, because the reality is as long as she's dating Matthew, that's not happening. She'd break up with him, if I asked, of course, but that wouldn't mean immediate sex.

Do I want to ask? No. I want to muddle through it, that's the thing about surrendering, that's the thing about chastity. Day to day there are times it really is not all that much fun, but overall, it's amazing (at least for a sissy like me). It just sucks sometimes, that's all.


  1. I totally agree with you. I fell the same way sometimes. Would I want it off? no way!

  2. My husband begs all of the time. But I know he loves being locked up!!

  3. I've given up on pleading for release...she knew I didn't really mean it!!!

  4. I told you before, Sara, I admire you and your Wife. The love for each other.
    Thanks for sharing your emotions.


  5. Amazing overall, Difficult at times but all the more special for it.

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