Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Whenever I watch Emily getting dressed to go out with Matthew:

I start to get like this:

And realize how lucky I am that she keeps me like this:


  1. Such a LUCKY SISSY! My subby hubby wishes he were You! Thank you so much for the multiple posts!!

  2. yes a chastity device sure helps in these situations......

  3. Hi Sara darling,
    Thx so much for your blogs - so enjoy reading them

    I do miss the conversations/interractions between you and Emily - the ones that confirm your devotion and commitment to one another. Also the conversations you have with Emily about Matthew and I know you have them regularly.
    Does Emily see him as an occasional distraction, the need for an alpha male from time to time or something more ??
    The dangers of one regular lover are obvious. Hopefully neither Emily nor Matthew will stretch the agreed boundaries.

    Love always

    Tanya xxxx