Wednesday, February 18, 2015


He's dominant.

He's got an unpredictable schedule.

He can go weeks without seeing her.

But one of the rules, one of his rules, one we agreed to, is that she's his when he wants. Sometimes he schedules a date with her weeks in advance, sometimes he calls that day.

But Emily and I should be able to plan, of course, so we have a shared google calendar where he can see the times she isn't available, either because of work or other obligations. They are color coded, of course. Brown for her work events, blue for her personal events, pink for special time with me, orange for everything else. 

He respects the pink, but orange is fair game, even if she has "non-special" plans with me. 


  1. Hi Sara,
    Thankyou so much for the update.

    Its now been over 7 months since Matthew came into your lives. It appears he is only interested in Emily, and not Sara.
    Is this the case ?? If nothing changes, will Matthew turn out to be the dominant man you BOTH want ???

    Love always

    Tanya xxxxx

  2. "He's got an unpredictable schedule."

    Sara, you do know that that's shorthand for "he comes over whenever he feels like it, and leaves her hanging when he has something better to do," don't you?



    1. you are right Christine, but that also suits Emily and Sara. Emily doesn't want a relationship, just an alpha man from time to time. Sara gets to have Emily most of time - as she should .

      Love Tanya