Monday, February 23, 2015

Moving on from blogger

Like many, I received a notice that Google is changing its terms so that sexual content is no longer allowed.

Thus, I'm going to meander over to my Tumblr blog and update there instead of here.

Stupid Google; stupid Blogger.

So long, and thanks for the memories.


  1. Well, this is a major bummer. Is the entire blog going to be deleted? Are the posts going to be archived anywhere?

    Glad to hear that you have a tumblr blog to keep things going.

  2. My interpretation is that the blog and its content will remain just not visible to the "general" public which will make it a private group with access only via membership.

  3. I like the passing shot photo. Those twats at google actually manage to make pond life look intelligent.

  4. I can't blame you and at least tumblr has a straightforward situation when it comes to mature content.

  5. Although I'm reviewing a lot of erotica, it's all written word (and book covers), with reviews that pass the censors at Amazon, so I'm hoping I'll be OK. It does make me a tad nervous, though.

  6. Sara I've been a avid follower but never posted.
    I'm a starting sissy and absolutely love the direction me and mistress are taking now but so so many questions and all other sissy girls following Sara the same so many questions.
    I love hate the thought of mistress taking a lover and need to give it a place in my head. Sara I would love to chat to you and your lovely girly followers via email I don't want to post it here but at the risk of being swamped
    Here goes

  7. I shall be following you as soon as I have found you. Will you be moving some of your previous posting over as well?

  8. i'm debating what to do and most likely will change platforms for my blog. Google's decision is indeed stupid and a scary attempt at censorship.

    sissy terri

  9. Hello Sara :

    Just a suggestion but with all this Google interference have you thought of using The Feminization Station has already switched and it opens an option for you and other bloggers that Google feels is to risque for them.

  10. I don't like what google is doing and I am not really sure WHY they did it. But I have the feeling that many people make too much out of it. It is not like our community doesn't have anything useful to say apart from dicks, cunts and sperm (because that is kind of what explicit nudity is). I mean why not just delete the explicit posts? I am going to continue my blog, business as usual. If google punishes me, then that will show that I was naive

  11. I'm now following you there. :)