Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not all slavery is non-consensual


  1. No Decisions to make.
    No need to work for food, shelter ect.
    No Major Worries ect
    Yes some people would give up freedom to become a 24/7 slave,
    Depending on the Master ect

  2. Just for the record...
    In all countries that subscribe to the convention on human rights - that is, most of the civilized world - ALL (genuine) slavery is non-consensual: you cannot consent to slavery. Except, of course, in fantasy.
    I bring this up here because, as a pro-domme woman who has been active on the fetish scene since the late 80s, I have become concerned in recent years - in fact, since about the publication of Fifty Shades of - at the sudden influx of youngsters in their late teens early 20s who seem to not appreciate the difference between fantasy and reality. I'm a big believer in the beneficial health effects of a rich fantasy life, but your heading.....? Do you worry about the younger generation?

    Mistress T.