Friday, August 28, 2015

The Cuddlezone

"I'm sorry," she giggled, "I...I don't mean to laugh, it's's so small."

"I just showered," he protested, "there...there's shrinkage." She giggled again. "What?" he demanded.

"Sorry," she apologized again, "I just...I've been with a bunch of guys and none of them ever had that problem before. Listen, I'm getting tired, maybe we could just, you know, cuddle."


  1. Oh yes! I've been there more than once!!!!

  2. My g/f told me very soon after we started going together i was the smallest she had ever seen, but were still together but i know some day i will have to share her of she will leave. In the mean time i Love to please her pussy with my tongue. Given up trying to please her with my tiny clitty GIGGLE