Friday, September 4, 2015


Emily told me once that there's the moment, when he's on top of her, she can feel his weight, his breath, she can feel his thrusting change, become more urgent, that she forgets everything. Work. Friends. Family. Even me.

For that moment, there's nothing in the world, nothing, but his cock thrusting in and out of her, filling her, possessing her.

The moment lasts, sometimes for several minutes, and when it starts, she surrenders, she's his, and she wants it to go on forever.

She said the moment's most powerful at the last second, the last thrust before he explodes, when he pushes in deeper than he has the entire time, holds it there, and his cum fills her.

For in that moment, there's only him.

For in that moment, she's his.

For in that moment, as his cum fills her, as his cock pulsates inside her, her bliss is total.


  1. Sara, I've seen my wife go to that place Emily was talking about when I was sitting two feet away. Heck, I've seen her forget I was there even when I was holding her hand.

  2. Wow.... this is hot writing and pic! Excellent.
    (another sara, sara elise)