Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Looking at a calendar, it dawned on me Emily and I are coming up on a six month anniversary.

It's been six months since I've been inside her.

It's been six months since she's touched my penis.

It's been six months since I've been permitted to squirt while she's touching me.

Six months.

The longest we've ever gone.

Do I miss it? Yes, of course. But I'd change nothing. Nothing.

I know I haven't update the personal in some time (I get into that rut when I'm working on a story, that's where I channel everything).

All goes well (needless to say, it hasn't been six months since Emily's had something...someone...inside her...that's counted in days...not weeks, not months, but days).

So I have to finish my story so I can devote a little more to posting about Emily and I. I know.


  1. It's worth it....It's a win win situation for both of you. You both are so loving to each other that you know what each other truly wants and needs.....Cherish it.....Happy anniversary!!

  2. It was somewhere around six months for us also when my wife came into my room and hinted about giving me oral sex. I have to say I was in a bad mood because we had bypassed our anniversary and my birthday plus I was thinking none of her three boyfriends was going more than a couple of weeks and they got a lot more than oral. So stupid me had to say something about mercy sex and wondering if she forgot where in my pants it was. It's now been over SEVEN YEARS! So the moral of the story Sara is if you are offered anything, hand job or oral or even regular sex, keep your mouth shut and take her up on it. At least I'm now lucky that my prostate meds have pretty much killed most of my libido so at least I don't care any more.

    1. Or perhaps spoke your mind and tried to rectify the situation. There is a mutual benefit, then there is taking advantage of a situation. Being a sissy does not mean being a doormat.

  3. LOVE your stories!! Sooooooooo, some of us can forgive you for prioritizing that over us. *GIGGLE*