Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pledge Week

"You're sure all the other pledges have to do this," he nervously asked the upperclassmen of the fraternity he was rushing.

"Yea, all of them," the one with the camera said.

"Well, at least the pretty ones, anyway," said another.

The freshman felt his penis stir, was afraid, ashamed. He'd never done anything like this before. "What...what are you doing," he asked when a third upperclassman started to get undressed.

"We told you, we need realism," the one with the camera said. "Think Penthouse, not Playboy."

"But..." His words died when he saw the erection the naked senior had. "He...he's hard!"

"Of course he's hard," the cameraman said, "a pretty girl wants an erect cock in her hands, doesn't she?"

"You...you want me to touch it with my hands," the shy boy squeaked.

"To start," the naked guy said. "You can start with your hands, but that's not where you'll finish."

"But...but I...I like girls," the boy said, feeling his own penis stir.

"I like girls, too," the naked guy said. "We all do. Especially pretty girls like you."


  1. I love college pledge captions, like this one. I have a few at my blog check them out.

    1. ohhhhh beautiful. sweet humiliation.