Monday, November 16, 2015

It's True

As Irene shows us, the longer a sissy is locked up, the smaller her clit gets. I used to wear a CB-6000 regular as the S size did not quite fit. But after time, we were able to switch to the CB-6000S. And then I didn't even fill that anymore (we currently use the smallest Holy Trainer).

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  1. Wonderful. Frills and CB-6000s are so beautiful together

    1. She must be pleased that the longer sissy is locked, the smaller her clit gets. It's appropriate for a sissy to have small clit. How long have you been locked and do you know how long she plans to keep you locked?.
      Maybe it will be long enough that being locked will be the new norm for you .


  2. Hmm, use it or lose it, I guess? I had no idea a sissy clit could shrink like that over time, but it's incredibly arousing.

  3. Happy anniversary with all my love.
    Semper Fidelis

  4. There is some truth to this, as mine has shrunk considerably. I have been locked away for over ten years now. Off and on for the first seven but longer and longer as the years went by. Today I am 24/7. My keyholder does release me from time to time for cleaning and a little stretching. Both my key holder and my Mistress have noticed how small my clitty is strinking.

  5. Had to buy myself the cb6000s as it was laughable when imprisoned in the regular size one.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Sara dear.

  7. I can defiantly second this, before I was locked up I was 6 1/2 inches after just two years of being constantly locked up for one month at the time with a day's break for some stiletto insertions, my clitty is now just a mere 3 inches! Wonderful! :-)