Monday, March 7, 2016

Cage = Freedom

Don't think of it as a cage, think of as freedom.

Freedom from thinking like a man (think like a sissy).

Freedom from worrying about trying to please a woman with your penis (use your mouth).

Freedom from the pressures of masculinity (you'll never measure up).

Freedom from the urge to masturbate (self pleasure is for men).

Freedom from selfishness (worship and obey your wife).

Freedom to be the sissy you always wanted to be (you were never a man anyway).


  1. I adore that image so much....wonderful writing too

  2. quando arrivi ad indossare la gabbietta sei consapevole e ti senti pienamente appagata ad esser finalmente un a donna , una femmina nell'anima che si rispecchia nel tuo corpo oramai liscio morbido dalle forme femminee non desideri altro che sentirti corteggiata usando le sole armi della seduzione, del fascino, della sensualità che son doti delle femmine!!! evviva le trav passive come me!!! baci baci baci...grazie tesoro bellissimo decalogo!!!

  3. i never thought of it this way... thanks! sara

  4. freedom to know fully that i am not a man, to know that i am a sissy, to pursue and embrace the steady progress of my feminization, to know, understand and express myself as a woman. this what i want and need.

  5. My wife are closer now. The day I was caged by her boyfriend was the best day of my life. She told me I will never have to try please a women with pens again only with my mouth.

  6. It is soo rewarding when one finally accepts his/her role in life! That of course being a beta male/submissive/bottom/sissy/slut/wimp/pansy that adores women and Real Mans equally. To love calling urself a sissy with no regrets. To enjoy having a little thing and never try and make love again with it. Kisses steph