Friday, March 25, 2016

Soon it will be a year

Sometimes I think back, try to remember when it started. I have a memory of something Emily said years ago, when we were in bed, both dressed in lingerie, cuddling, talking. I started to swell as I always did and I saw her frown, disappointed. I was scared back then, that the feminine me was something she'd experiment with, reject, so I was worried to.

"What?" I asked her. " you want me to change?"

"No,'s not that," she said, " just doesn't look right."

"What doesn't look right?"

"That," she pointed to the erection in my panties.

"What about it?" I asked, voice shaking.

"I don't know, you want to be feminine, I get that, I try it, but that...that's not very feminine."

"I can't help it," I laughed, half relieved, "it's kind of got a mind of it's own."

Emily shook her head. Boys, she must have thought. Boys and their erections. "Of course," she said, "but it's I supposed to think of you as a boy or a girl right now?"

"A girl," I said.

"Well girls don't have that," she said, "girls are soft, smooth, feminine."

"Well make it soft," I joked, moving her hand between my legs.

She did, and after, she touched it again, when it was soft, shrunken, and she smiled. "See," she said, much better."

The next time we were in bed, dressed, she asked me to focus, focus on staying small, soft, feminine. And I did...for a few minutes, I stayed soft, stayed small.

But it grew. Of course it grew. And soon I was hard, erect again. "Sara!" she scolded me.

"I told you, I can't help it," I laughed.

I remember when she ordered it, back in the Spring of 2010, the first chastity cage. I remember it sitting on the bed, on top of the panties I'd set out for the day, sitting there after I got out of the shower.

"What...what's that?" I asked her when she walked into the room, knowing exactly what it was.

She put her hands on her hips, looked at me. " said you couldn't help it," she said, "I thought maybe I could.

So I was caged for the first time and we played with it for a bit, then abandoned it for a long while, then played with it again from time to time. Always as a tease, though.

So how'd it come to this? How'd it come to approaching a year?

Matthew, of course. Matthew.

We started playing with it again when he came into the picture. We started playing with it when she started trying to look pretty for him.

We started playing with it when she started trying to seduce him.

We started playing with it when she started exploring with him.

We started playing with it when she started letting herself go with him.

We started playing with it when she started submitting to him.

We started playing with it when she became his.

We started playing with it when she became his whore.

The cage went on more and more. And started to stay on longer and longer.

Until last April, the lock clicked shut to be rarely opened (only to clean), to be rarely removed (never to squirt), and to become a fixture of my day to day.

So now, it's no longer a game, now it is life. Chastity is life. The normal. The expected. Me. Her. A part of us.

And soon it will be a year. Chastity for a year. Living in chastity, day after day, for a year. Soft for a year. Small for a year. Denied for a year.



  1. What a beautiful post Sara. my own, nearly full time (94%+) chastity, also began just about the time Diane's lover Paul came into the picture. Now, She won't have it any other way.

    Thank you for such a great post.

    sissy terri

  2. che magnifica storia...!! che bellissima abnegazione nel voler esser femminuccia a tutti i costi per far piacere al proprio amore!!! io son trav passiva e spero un giorno di poter fare il grande salto di qualità come hai fatto tu !!! grazie baci baci baci

  3. That post was great it was from the heart . I I had the same I ask my wife to feminine me. When she found a new man she told me that she can have only one man in her life. I have been in chastity just over 14 months.

  4. Thanks for the update, you are a very good writer.

  5. Your writing is so beautiful, thanks for so many things, again.

    1. Congrats on spending a year in chastity. She seems to be a very good job of training you and keeping you under her control. Do you expect her to keep her in permanent chastity/


  6. Does this mead He hold(s) the keys and therefor owns your clitty?

  7. Lovely writing as ever sara and wishing you and Emily another exciting year.


  8. After a couple of years trying various chastity cages, we noticed that being the submissive sex partner made me lose interest in my little cocklet. Permanent chastity for me means that I have learned to love being fucked...hardly remember the last time I wanted to do the fucking. Like the beautiful sissy pictures in this blog, my body has softened with my partner's treatments, and we prefer tucking and smoothing me with a gaff instead of a cage. Permanent chastity also means I am a willing and obedient partner in my wife led marriage, so that I don't need a lock and key any longer, just to be taken by her strong hand and commanding voice.

  9. What a great post. I know those discussions.
    Lovely. sara2

  10. lovely ideas ::))))

  11. What a wonderful and uplifting story for a sub who is soo excited bout the possibility of also being caged by my grl friend someday soon. Been dressing all my life and still love every minute of it. kisses steph

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