Thursday, June 30, 2016


I used to disagree, came to reluctantly agree, now totally agree. Even when I beg Emily to release me, even when I really, really want to be unlocked, down inside, I know it is best for a sissy's clit to be safely and securely locked away.

Intimacy between a married woman and her sissy husband can be had in many, many ways and PIV sex (pussy in vagina sex) is NOT necessary for a loving, happy, intimate marriage.


  1. ohh io sarei la sissy perfetta la mogliettina ideale di ogni vero uomo o padrona...!! mi piace essere vestita sexy adoro sculettare sui tacchi mi piace sentirmi pienamente femminuccia e sono docile servizievole e dolce e mi ritengo anche carina d'aspetto...!! e poi a letto non faccio mai capricci sono una cagnolina affettuosa !!! baci baci baci

  2. Beautiful and insightful Freudian slip in your description of PIV, Sara. Hope you'll share the upcoming date with us!

  3. You say:
    Intimacy between a [married] woman and her sissy husband can be had in many, many ways and PIV sex (pussy in vagina sex) is NOT necessary for a loving, happy, intimate marriage.

    I do so agree, and so does my husband - he once said to me, a very long time ago, that if he was ever forced to give up penetrative sex for some reason, he could do it without any difficulty; but if he had to give up oral sex [he meant giving], he'd feel like committing suicide. As it happened, this was rather fortunate, because in my early 30s, I was discovered to have massive fibroids which I had to have surgically removed. Although I recovered fully, I subsequently always felt discomfort during penetrative sex, sufficient to lessen my enjoyment to almost zero. I felt guilty, of course, but my husband's enthusiasm, and undeniable talent, for oral sex proved to be a godsend for us. In an unguarded moment, he even said that he really enjoyed not having to penetrate me - that he found it a lot less intimate than the sex we had just enjoyed, and that I seemed much more uninhibited this way. And, of course, for me it meant I was getting four or five or more orgasms in every coupling, to his one, or occasionaly two. We did not need chastity devices - in fact I don't remember even being aware of them in the 70s. We have an EQUAL marriage - really - despite his being my 'sissy' husband from well before my operation. I have to say, I don't like this hijacking of the term sissy. When we married in 1968, it just meant that opposite of tomboy. It now seems to have to mean someone with a small penis, who is a subserviant to his wife, can't pleasure his wife, needs to be put in chastity because he's not a real man, has bisexual tendencies, has a desire to be cuckolded and eat up another man's semen (though my husband happily licks up his own), etc. etc. I'm so glad that I'm married to my husband, my sissy husband, who is nevertheless a real, caring, sensitive, and very sexy man still.