Thursday, June 22, 2017


"What's wrong," Emily asked me this morning as she adjusted her garter belt.

"N...nothing," I said, watching her.

"Something," she challenged me with a look.

"I...I don't know," I lied.

She sighed. "God, you're jealous, aren't you?"

"No...I mean...I...I don't know," I said, feeling my stomach turn. She smiled, grinned really. "What?"

"It's cute," she said, "after all this time, you still get jealous."

"'s four days, Emily," I said.

She folded her arms, tilted her head. "And how's that different than four hours?" she asked.

"I...I don't're going out of town with him for four days...that...that's you're a couple, or something."

"Well he and I are a couple in a way, aren't we?" she challenged me.


"It's the restaurant, isn't it?"

I looked down and she knew. The previous week Matthew had asked me the previous week my favorite restaurant in the city, before I knew what was happening, so I gladly told him and only then asked him why.

"Because I'm taking Emily there next week," he said, "and I wanted to take her somewhere special to eat."

Everything about the city was special to me. Special to her, too. And now it was going to be special to them.

"'s kind of our place," I said.

"I assume that's why he asked," she told me.


"It will still be our special place," she said


"But now you share it with him," she smiled, "like so many other things."

"Emily," I looked down again.

"Will you share?" she asked.

" I have a choice?"

She looked at me, pondered for a moment. "I don't know," she said honestly, "you know how he is."

"I wish you'd..."

"I know," Emily said before I finished. "And you know that's not a good idea. You'd misbehave the second the car pulled away."

"I...I'd wait..."

"Honestly...four days? You wouldn't wait four minutes."

"I...I'd try..."

"And fail," she shook her head. "Sweetie, we've talked about know how you get when you do'll be upset the entire time."

"I...I just..."

"Besides, even if I wanted to, you know Matthew would never go for that...we've all talked about this, and I'm afraid I'm with him on're much better locked."

"What...what time are you leaving?"

"He's picking me up from work at 1, we'll be there before dinner." I looked between her legs, quickly looked away. "I'll have to shower, naturally, but maybe Sunday morning before we leave so I have something to bring home...besides my panties, I mean."

"Thank...thank you," I said quietly.

"You behave, okay?"

"I...I will," I said, "I will."


  1. HI Sarah,
    Was this weekend Emily's reward for sucking Matthew's friend like a whore ??

    I understand you not being happy about Emily being away for 4 days with Matthew. Its one thing to accept she needs a real man to fuck her. However Emily is wrong when she says "4 hours, 4 days whats the difference ?".
    They are encroaching on your marriage - the things husbands and wives do when not in bed - the things that binds them together - favourite restaurants, walks in the park, visiting museums, seeing shows, going shopping. I'd be upset too, and I'd be worried that they do appear to be a couple.
    They are not going to spend 4 days fucking non-stop ????

    I hope Emily makes it up to you when shes home.

    Love always


  2. Wow! This writing is brilliant!! i nearly creamed in my panties, oh my gosh.... hug ~sara