Monday, July 10, 2017

All these years...

Emily has literally never done this to me, never gotten on her knees and sucked me, never once begged to give me a blowjob. The few times my little penis ever entered her mouth it was only:
1. After was had been drinking wine and was more than tipsy,
2. After I'd licked her to orgasm after orgasm,
3. After I begged and begged her to lick me, and
4. After I double promised to tell her to stop before I was anywhere close to squirting.

Matthew, though? She literally does this to him every time she's with him:
1. Drinking or not, sober or tipsy, she wants to suck his cock,
2. She'll do it before he ever touches her,
3. She's the one who begs; he's never begged her for anything, and
4. She'll suck his cock until he cums every time unless he stops her first.
That's a huge difference between our sex lives, Matthew and me. One of us has a woman who hungers for his cock, the other a long understanding that sexual pleasure does not, even should not, involve a sissy's penis.

Of course, I'm in chastity virtually all the time (released or hygienic purposes, of course) and her playing with my penis and bringing me to orgasm is just not a part of our sex lives.

Who has it better?

The man who has unlimited sexual access to a very beautiful woman?

Or the husband who long ago accepted that feminization and chastity are the foundation of marital bliss?

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