Tuesday, July 18, 2017


"I was clear, wasn't I? Every minute you're erect results in one month of chastity."

"I...I'm trying," he stammered, "I...can't you...can't you button your blouse?"

She shook her head. "Don't blame me for your lack of self control," she said looking at a clock. "Four minutes now."

"M...Mistress, please..."

"Two more minutes and you won't be unlocked for the rest of the year."

It ended at seven minutes, finally, he found the thought to take his mind off her, afraid, because she always kept her word.

"Well, guess we'll see that thing free sometime this winter," she said opening the drawer with the cage. "Pity, too, you were only a day away from earning a squirt."


  1. One of my favorite scenes in A Change in Our Marriage is when Sara spanks Julie for buying lingerie. That whole accepting submission in that context is amazing. My wife gave me an generic Visa Gift card for our anniversary so I did something she did not want me to do, I got fitted for a bra at Soma. I have a feeling when she finds it tonight after our son goes to bed I am going to have a spanking. Thanks for writing such emotionally charged and connecting books. I hope you are working on another