Tuesday, August 29, 2017


"I'm close," her lover said.

"I know," your wife whispered, "I can tell, I can always tell."

"I don't...we didn't put a condom on yet."

"I know," she whispered again.

"You need to stop," he told her, not wanting to, but knowing she always insisted.

"No," she said looking into his eyes, "no I don't."

"I'm not going to be able to stop," he grimaced, trying to hold back.

"Try," she said, "try..."

"Uugh," he moaned, doing just that, and giving her what she wanted. Just another minute of fucking, just another minute to make her cum, this is what she wanted, needed.

"Baby," he said.

"Hold on," she moaned, riding him, shaking like she never shook before.

"Baby," he said louder.

"I told him," she said, shaking, barely coherent, "I told him."

"Oh god," he was pumping now, fucking her as she fucked him.

"Cum inside me, baby, I want to feel it inside me!"

And he did, he exploded inside her, filled her like she'd never been filled before.

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  1. Leaving you the delightful cleanup....the sissy cuckolds reward!!!!