Friday, August 25, 2017


Matthew lives it, breaths it, shows it every time he sees her, especially when he can do it in front of me.

That's when it's hottest for him, hottest for Emily, too.

He knows she doesn't submit in life, knows that part of her is something few get to experience. Knows he's one of those few.

Knows he can get away with ordering her to undress, stand before him naked while her sissy husband sits quietly in the corner. Knows he can roughly grab her, bend her over a table, hold her hands behind her back, and spank her.

Knows he can grab her by the pussy, touch her in a way no man should touch a woman, like she's a possession, not a strong, independent woman.

Knows doing what if any other man tried, if her sissy husband tried, would be met with screams, will with him be met with moans and a wet pussy.

He knows she could never live this way day after day, but that she treasures her hours with him, when she can let go, when she can be his slut, his whore.

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