Friday, September 22, 2017


That feeling watching her kneel before her bull, watching him take control, watching her submit, knowing your wife's heart belongs to you but her body belongs to him.


  1. Dear Sara,

    I know what you mean. The watching and knowing that your wife needs a real man in her life and that you will never be that person - could never be that person - all while knowing that she is giving you what you need - the ability to be the feminine creature you have to be. But still, seeing her submit to her man is torturous and pleasurable at the same time. We are lucky to have wives who provide both.



  2. Watching the woman who so easily dominates me submit to a man is amazing to me...
    Watching him just naturally take charge of her is something I can't do....among other things I can't do for her!
    But what I can do is let her take her pleasure as she sees fit, without guilt, and that gives me pleasure....sure I get jealous but at the end of the day she'll be coming home to me and that's what really matters the most isn't it?
    Like Leeanne says, we are lucky to have wives like that!