Friday, September 29, 2017


Of course you're jealous; your wife is spending the weekend with a man. Not in a platonic way, not for a business trip, but an actual, honest to goodness 'he makes her feel' like she hasn't felt in years kind of way.

Like, spend most of the weekend in the hotel room fucking kind of way.

Like, looking at him and not seeing her loving, but never masculine husband husband, but a man, a real man.

Like, get on her knees and do things she's never done for you.

Like, get fucked, really fucked.

So why wouldn't you be jealous?

You're home, carrying on your normal life of work, household chores. Mundane, but necessary tasks.

And she's with him, normal life forgotten, living a fantasy weekend, something from a romance novel.

That mundane life, dusting, folding laundry, gives you time to think, to picture what she's going, what's being done to her

And to remember that moment when you watched her pack, watched her get dressed, watched her pull a black stocking up her leg.

"I can text him no," she said, seeing your face.

" just look beautiful," you swallowed.

"And it's for him," she said.

"Yes," you looked down.

"I can text him no," she said again, "but I don't think that's what you want, is it?"

You followed her eyes, saw her look between your legs, at the flannel trousers covering your panties, the chastity cage.

"No," you said, feeling the tightening, " know it isn't."


  1. When Emily goes away for whole weekend Sara, I really feel for you - its not just a real man fucking your wife. They are a couple for the weekend. Its not the whole weekend in a hotel room. They will also do things you should be doing with Emily - walking, talking, eating out, maybe taking in a show or a movie.
    I'm sure she makes up for it when she returns Sara - you deserve that !!

    Love always

    Tanya xxxxx

  2. I know that feeling. One of my wife's lovers was a VP of a large corporation and was heading to a conference at Amelia Island in Florida. She spent five days with him in a 1000 square foot suite with a panoramic ocean view being wined, dined and fucked. She said sex on the balcony late at night listening to the ocean was fabulous. Meanwhile I was at home on my four day weekend doing tasks for spring cleaning.