Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Poker Night

"J...Jessica, what...what are you doing?" I asked my wife when I walked into the bedroom and saw how she was dressed.

"Just trying to look pretty, sweetie," she smiled.

"We...we don't have time for that, Jessica," I stammered, "those...those guys we met at the pool are coming over to play poker tonight...in ten minutes," I said looking at my watch. "Christ,."

"I know that, silly, you put it on my calendar," she smiled.

"Then what the heck are you doing?" I asked, confused.

"I...I don't know, just trying to look nice for our guests, I suppose."

"N...nice?" I said, mouth dry, "you...you don't look nice, you look..."

"Sexy?" she asked.

"Jessica, you can't wear that!"

"Why not?" she pouted.

"Cause...cause they...they'll think..."

"What? That I'm a party favorite?" she said softly, sitting on the edge of the bed. "That I'm trying to look pretty, that I'm trying to seduce them?"

"Jessica! They'll think..."

"What?" she asked again.


She stood, turned, started to pull her panties down. "What are you doing?"

"Maybe they'll think I'm like one of those pinup girls, you know, Art Frahm...oops, did my panties fall down?"


"What will they think if I need help, if I say, 'Say, boys, maybe whoever wins the next hand could help with my panties?'"

"But...but," I stammered.

"So much better without panties, I'll tell them. Of course, they're going to look at you and wonder, but don't worry, I'll explain."


"Don't worry, boys, I'll say, he's not really a manly man, like you boys are, in fact, he's kind of a girly man. In fact, if he wouldn't be all embarrassed about it, I'd have him show you the panties he's wearing."

"Jessica, you wouldn't," I said, realizing my penis was straining in those panties.

"In fact, I'll say, I bet his little penis is straining in those panties this very second wondering which one of you boys is going to win the next hand...and win me."

"Jess," I mumbled.

"Well part of me, anyway. This hand is just for my mouth...next hand is for my ass...and the one after that is for my pussy."

"J...Jess," I was dizzy.

"And the big loser of the night...that's my husband...he gets something too...he gets to lick me clean. So, who's deal is it?"


  1. Lovely Sara but I disagree....I think....considering everything....that her husband is the winner of the biggest jackpot of the night!!!!!

  2. I agree with you Kaaren, as usual.