Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Question Time

Reader John says, "I really appreciate that you take the time to answer your readers' questions. I've got one follow-up question. Quite a while ago you wrote that Matthew stipulated that intercourse between Emily and yourself was not forbidden but should be rare. It seemed to me that you were happy with that arrangement.

Now I understand that intercourse is fully a thing of the past.

What has changed?

Wow, that's a question!

So, from Matthew's perspective, he didn't, especially at first, want to forbid regular intercourse between Emily and me, he just wanted to make sure it was rare. That is, intercourse was his thing with Emily, not mine. He's still fine if we have intercourse to this day, he just never wanted me having regular sex like that. Other sex? Yes. Intimacy? Yes. Just not intercourse. But I think he understood Emily and I might want that now and then, perhaps need it. So he allowed it.

So Matthew has not changed, Emily and I have.

Chastity became a center point of our intimate life; after all, when your partner is in chastity, and when your lover doesn't want you having regular intercourse, other things become more important. And we focused on those things. Heck, even my own orgasm has become less important.

Part of it is our common understanding of what happens when I orgasm. And by orgasm, I mean a full, male orgasm. When I cum like a male, my hormone levels change (there's science about this) and suddenly everything I love most of the time (submission, feminization, serving her, being a cuckold) sucks. Not enough for me to want to change my life, but a male orgasm does strange things to a sissy's mind. Things a milking does not do, things a ruined orgasm does not do.

So, I guess what changed is that I'm happier when I don't fuck Emily. Not that I still don't want to (or part of me), it's just that I really don't like what happens to me when I do. Not to mention, the whole thing that Emily doesn't really enjoy it like she does with Matthew.

We've even talked about how to get pregnant (we want a baby). Do we try the "traditional" method, or do we explore intrauterine insemination (that's a big step).


  1. "A male orgasm does strange things to a sissy's mind." Wow, did you hit the nail on head. I have experienced that same drop in emotions and needs following a traditional orgasm, so much so that the days of dread following it cannot make up for the moment of pleasure. Besides, I find prostate orgasms much more fulfilling and longer lasting, with only an uptick of happiness after. I can totally see where you're coming from.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    You say that you and Emily wish to start a family - great, I'm sure you will be great parents.
    Where will that leave Matthew ?? Will Emily stop seeing him ?? Is that the end ?? What will happen during pregnancy ???

    Love always