Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Questions Answered

I like answering them.

In response to State of Being, John asked in the comments:

Does Matthew allow Emily to unlock you on your Days of Priority?
Generally, unlocking me is Emily's call, not Matthew's. While we've played with that idea, Emily and I believe chastity is one of the intimate things between us, so she generally keeps the key.

Either way, does she unlock you?
On Days of Priority? That depends; some, but not always.

If so, does she let you orgasm on these special occasions? (Real orgasms, not just milkings?)
Yes...the kind depends on what you mean. If 'real orgasm' means inside her, fucking her, like husband and wife...um...no.
If 'real orgasm' means an actual orgasm while unlocked, as in not a 'ruined' orgasm. Yes, but those are rare. More likely a 'ruined' orgasm. Or a milking.
Usually my sexual relief comes from a milking, usually while still locked. Sometimes it comes after I've been unlocked (milking, unlocked). Rarer are 'ruined' orgasms. An actual orgasm is the rarest (orgasm inside her being non-existent)

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  1. Hi Sara,

    I really appreciate that you take the time to answer your readers' questions. I've got one follow-up question. Quite a while ago you wrote that Matthew stipulated that intercourse between Emily and yourself was not forbidden but should be rare. It seemed to me that you were happy with that arrangement.

    Now I understand that intercourse is fully a thing of the past.

    What has changed?