Friday, September 29, 2017


"It's not gay," my wife whispers over and over as she directs my mouth to his hard cock, helps me take it between my lips.

"But," I start to whisper back, silent as the head touches my lips.

"Shhh, it's gay when a man sucks another man's cock," she says, "but you're not a man, you'e a sissy. And a cock sucking sissy is the most natural thing in the world."


  1. Hi Sara,
    A long time ago, on this blog, you said that Emily was lucky as she has her cake and eats it. But she knew and acknowledged this. I have a question for you :

    How does Emily treat you after a date or weekend with Matthew ?? Can she truly show you how much she really loves you ??

    I reason I ask is that, although I understand her need and entitlement to have a real man fuck her, I have a problem with weekends away, when she should be with her husband for the most part. You would never stop her I know, but she ought to see your hurt and potential jealousy.

    Love always

    Tanya xxxx

  2. I relate to this sentiment so much. I've written before that I don't feel gay (and that is casting no aspersion upon gay men, who I completely respect) when I'm sucking one of my wife's men's cocks. I feel feminine and, in that way it just seems natural that I would please a real man in that way. It's the paradox of the sissy, like so many other conflicting aspects to our nature.

    Does anyone disagree? I'd love to hear other thoughts.



    1. I agree with my sweet sissy sister Leeanne....I have had quite a few mens cocks in my mouth (and elsewhere) but if you asked me if I was gay I'd say no!!! I'm a straight, slightly effeminate man who enjoys having a feminine side and the deep femme feelings of pleasing a man....a real man....but I still love and feel deep desire for my wife!!!
      I didn't know I was a paradox but I kind of like it!!!!

  3. I agree totally with Leeanne and Kaaren.

    I adore my wife and just don't fancy guys.

    However as Tanya, I adopt a 100% feminine personna. I have sucked many cocks, and been used as a girl by several guys. I even had a married bf for 2 years, who I met nearly every week !!

    It certainly is a paradox !!

    Love Tanya xxxx