Tuesday, October 17, 2017

He can explain

"A...Amanda...what...what are you doing here?" he stammered when he turned, saw his wife standing in the doorway.

"Checking in on you," she glared at him.

"This...this isn't what it looks like," he blurted out.

"Thank god for that," she folded her arms, "because it looks like my husband's dressed like a girl and is about to suck cock."


"That's not what this is, right? I mean, you're not dressed like a girl, right?"


"And you weren't just about to suck cock, were you?"

"A...Amanda, please...I...I can explain."

"Tell me," Amanda's gaze shifted to the woman next to her husband, "what does my husband come here for?"

The woman looked at Amanda, shrugged. "To learn to suck cock," she said.

"And he likes it?" Amanda asked.

"See for yourself," the woman said with a smirk.

"Indeed. And you'll take care of that before we leave?"

"We can cage it if you'd like."

"I doubt I'll be needing it anytime in the near future," Amanda said, "if ever."


"Don't you fucking Amanda me, you slut," Amanda glared at her husband, then looked back over at the woman. "Go ahead, cage him, I have to admit, I never liked that anyway."

"S...sex?" He stammered.

"I love sex," she shook her head, "sex with you...not so much."

"Amanda, please, let me explain..."

"It's going to be tough to explain with your mouth full," she glared. 

"Go on," the woman said, "you heard your wife, suck!"


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