Monday, October 30, 2017


We used to have a rule. No kissing. But it wasn't a rule that lasted.

Matthew pushed it. It's what he does. Find those little things, use them, dominate, control.

He know hard boundaries, respects them, but soft limits are something different.

Pushing soft limits lets him remind both of us that he's the man in our marriage, that he's the one her body belongs to, that he's who she...we...serve.

Kissing is intimacy, but it's a natural part of sex, too.

I asked her, do you want to kiss him? She blushed, said it was hard not to, especially when she was on top of him, begging him, needing him, wanting him.

And so it was a rule that was broken, made to be broken. Broke.


  1. In the early days Sara, Emily was reluctant to kiss Matthew in front of you. As you say, kissing is very much a part of sex, so it was inevitable.
    Love Tanya xxxxx

  2. Hi Sara,

    your blog posts tend to trigger more questions from me. I hope they are not inappropriate.

    A while ago you wrote that you sometimes watch Emily and Mathew having sex. Would you mind elaborating a bit on the dynamics involved?

    Some aspects that come to my mind include:
    -Are you free to watch them whenever you want to, or are you allowed to ask for it? Maybe they allow you to watch them as a kind of reward? In that case, is it Emily or Mathew who decides?

    -To what extent are you participating in their lovemaking? Do you only get to observe, or are you allowed to e.g. touch Emily as well?

    -Are you always in chastity while watching?

    I've got another question: You mentioned some time ago that Mathew is not sexually interested in you. Do you feel sexually attracted to him?

    Kind regards,


  3. Kissing is part of love making. I am never allowed to watch my wife when she's making love to her BF but I know they kiss a lot during love making. I am also kept in chastity so when I hear them having orgasm after orgasm I get turned on a little but the chastity restricts it.

  4. Sara, I have sen my wife take another mans cock in her mouth and suck him until he shot into her and she swallowed every drop....I have watched her fucking her lovers and have frequently cleaned them both up after and on rarer occasions I have seen men fuck her ass....something I've never been allowed to do.....and I've cleaned them up there too..
    But when I see her kiss him.....that's the part that hurts....that's when I get jealous....we've never had a rule about it but like your Emily, if we did I'm sure she'd break it!!!!

  5. Sex without kiss is like flower without fragrance.