Monday, October 16, 2017

Questions - Break?

Tanya asks:

Reading between the lines, with you and Emily planning on starting a family, I sense this relationship with Matthew may be nearing an end, or at least a break for a year or more.
Am I right ?? These memories will, however, live on for all 3 of you.


Emily and I have talked about that at some length. If we start a family, something we're likely to do, she would, at a minimum, take a break from Matthew. For how long? Hard to say. Permanently? Also hard to say.

At a minimum, we'd take a break once we start trying, so at least a year. We wonder if motherhood will change her, change us, change all of this. Maybe, maybe not. I suspect it will be hard to never go back, though. But we'll see.

Obviously a baby would be our priority, always. Family our priority, always. He gets that, has always gotten that.


  1. I ask the following with the utmost respect. I realize it's a common fantasy theme but don't ask for that reason, rather because you and Emily obviously have a different perspective on some things than most couples would.

    Would you ever consider the possibility of Matthew impregnating Emily? I'm not meaning that you plan on such an occurence, just arrange activities so that it may be a possibility, an unknown factor in your family planning.


  2. HI Sara,

    Exactly the reply I expected. A year is a long time.

    Knowing Matthew as the dominant Alpha male he is, I'd expect him to find a willing replacement for Emily in that time.

    THere could always be other bulls in the future.

    Love Tanya xxxx

  3. Tanya
    Matthew is a dominant Alpah male. He may get impatient waiting for months, a year, maybe longer. But it seems he is also sensitve and intelligent. otherwise his relationship with Emily abd Sara would not have lasted this long. What he has with Emily and Sara is amazing and special and, I suspect, not easily replaced. So Matthew will be patient and do what he needs to do to allow this to evolve in a way that works for everyone.


  4. Sorry Al, I think you are wrong - He's an Alpha male, who takes what he wants, when he wants, Emily has always been available, so that has suited him. Don't forget this a man, who has brought another man into their house and encouraged Emily to suck him off. Hes intelligent yes, but not sensitive. The relationship has gone on because Emily has allowed it to. It has suited her as well. Patience is not a virtue of an alpha male bull.
    Love Tanya xxxxx

  5. God, Tanya, I forgot I blogged about that!!!

    1. You did blog about that but you changed the names so was that a fantasy or a real event?