Monday, October 2, 2017


Questions from Tanya xxxx:

A long time ago, on this blog, you said that Emily was lucky as she has her cake and eats it. But she knew and acknowledged this. I have a question for you :

How does Emily treat you after a date or weekend with Matthew ?? Can she truly show you how much she really loves you ??

I reason I ask is that, although I understand her need and entitlement to have a real man fuck her, I have a problem with weekends away, when she should be with her husband for the most part. You would never stop her I know, but she ought to see your hurt and potential jealousy.

Answer from Sara:

How does Emily treat me after a date or weekend with Matthew?

Well, first, as to a weekend, that's rarer than a date, maybe a twice a year thing.

Should she be home with me? I don't know, I suppose. If we had a 'normal' relationship. But every time she goes away with him she does so with my blessing, even if part of me is jealous, even if part of me just wants her home with me, doing things as a married couple.

And when she's away for a weekend, I'll admit, it's difficult for me. It is much more than just a date, it is more than just sex, Tanya is right, they are a couple for a weekend. Almost like a relationship. Heck, forget the 'almost' cause it is a relationship.

How does she treat me? Dates and weekends are different.

Dates, coming home, are almost a continuation of her time with him, more sexual, more erotic. Most post-date finds me waiting in the bedroom, candles, wine (wine often forgotten), as we typically make love immediately, our special way.

Weekends, on the other hand, are slower, purposeful, not just Emily and Sara having post Emily/Matthew sex. There's more intimacy, more, I don't know, service, somehow love.

It may be a cliche, but when she comes home from a weekend, she typically expects to find dressed in a maid's uniform.

And no, not this (I have ones like this, though):

What I mean, is a uniform like this:

A uniform that is relatively plain, that is comfortable, that is practical, and can be worn to work in. A uniform low or mid heels, because high, stiletto heels only slow a maid down. A uniform that isn't about sex, but instead about serving.

In such a uniform, a feminized husband can bring in luggage and unpack for her tired wife. Draw her a bath. Make her tea. Help her relax after a long weekend. It helps re-establish the intimate connection that only she and I can share.

I'm jealous when she's gone that long. Without question.

But she feels some guilt, too.

And by serving her and pampering her, we both understand what we have together. We chat, talk about what she did with him, what I did while she was gone.

I know it can seem unfair, right? Emily spends a romantic weekend with her lover while leaving chaste her husband at home. I get that, and to some extent, it is.

So this re-connects us. Serving her, I remember why I love her, why I submit, why her sexuality is important to me. Serving her, I'm reminded this actually makes me happy, despite the chastity, despite the jealousy.

Helping her dress for bed in something pretty and feminine, doing so myself, we both remember it's this intimacy that works for us. This is her accepting my love and showing hers for me.


  1. I go through the same thing too. My wife goes on dates, weekends away and even week long vacations with her lover. I sometimes feel lonely and jealous but I want her to be happy and get what I can't give her in bed. I remain in chastity all the time and that makes me feel like I am owned by her. It's my security so to speak. When she comes home from a weekend or vacation she is very lovable and affectionate to me. She hugs and kisses me and if she isn't too exhausted she might put her strap on dildo on and give me a good fucking which makes me feel good. While I miss her I am happy she had a good time.

  2. Thankyou so much for that lovely reply Sara.

    Another question :

    A long time ago now I commented on one of your blogs that although Emily liked submitting to Matthew and liked the sex, she did not particularly like him as a person. Do you think after all this time she still feels the same, especially when she spends a weekend with him ???

    Love Tanya xxxx

  3. When you have a child,what kind of parent will you be?
    Will you pretend to be a normal manly dad, or will you be your sissydad self?