Tuesday, October 17, 2017


From Al:

I ask the following with the utmost respect. I realize it's a common fantasy theme but don't ask for that reason, rather because you and Emily obviously have a different perspective on some things than most couples would.

Would you ever consider the possibility of Matthew impregnating Emily? I'm not meaning that you plan on such an occurrence, just arrange activities so that it may be a possibility, an unknown factor in your family planning.


No. I get people fantasize about that; heck, sometimes I fantasize about it. It's powerful, a man's sperm (mentally as well as actually). I get people may even do that. But what Emily and I have is permanent, for the long haul. What Emily and Matthew have may be for the long haul, may last a long time, but there is no marriage, no life long commitment, no love, no growing old together. Thus, to me, to us, no children.

If Emily and I have a baby, it will be because Emily and I made a baby.