Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Tanya is a fountain of questions:

A long time ago now I commented on one of your blogs that although Emily liked submitting to Matthew and liked the sex, she did not particularly like him as a person. Do you think after all this time she still feels the same, especially when she spends a weekend with him ???

Love Tanya xxxx


Tanya, you're right, at first, in the beginning, Emily didn't like Matthew as a person, certainly not as the type of man she'd be in a long term relationship with.

Yet here she, somehow, in a long term relationship with him. At least of a sort, anyway.

Not the reality type of relationship, though, the type where a couple has to negotiate who does what chores, who pays what bills, the type where couples discuss budgets and long term plans. The type where two people take care of one another, emotionally, spiritually, every way.

In a way, her relationship with him is all fantasy. He's a dominant man, a man who has demands, who takes what he wants, needs. And she lets him. Because he gives her something a day to day relationship never could.

Interestingly, without me, she'd never be in this relationship with him. If something happened to me tomorrow, I don't think she'd last a week with him. It's only because of her grounding with me that she can let herself be free with him.

I'll always be with her, Matthew or not.

So I think she feels something for him as a person, but because he has a specific role. An important role, of course, but just a specific role.

She says that, even when she's away with him for a weekend, even when she's having an amazing time, part of her can't wait to be home with me.

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  1. Hi Sara,
    Thankyou so much.
    I have followed your blog far a long time - from well before Matthew and even your marriage to Emily.
    It seems odd that although I do not know either of you personally, I feel I do, and believe it or not actually care !!
    You 2 answers have helped me alot.
    Love Tanya xxxx