Thursday, December 14, 2017


"Did he or did he not cum inside you or not, pet?" my wife's friend, Sophia, asked her, menace in her voice.

"He...he did," my wife said, voice quivering.

"Gmmmff," I mumbled from the corner, silenced by the gag, immobile from the restraints holding me to the chair.

"And what did I promise you if that happened?" she asked my wife.

"A...a spanking," she said.

"Playful or serious?" her friend asked, toying with the waist band of my wife's panties

"S...serious," my wife answered, clearly afraid.

"Aaait," I tried to speak through the gag, "u...u ant..."

Sophia glared at me, silenced me with her eyes. "Speak again, you selfish prick, and it will be a week she can't sit, not just a day."

I said nothing, ashamed. Not that at what I'd done with my wife...she was my wife, after all...but that Sophia was going to punish her for doing something husbands and wives did.

"Mistress," my wife said softly, "I...I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted, pet, but I warned you, didn't I? That little penis of his does not go inside you. Ever."

"I...I know," my wife said.

"Not that we'll have that problem again, will you?" Sophia looked between my legs, at the small cage encasing my penis, securely locked, keeping me soft.

"Eeeeese," I begged.

"This is going to hurt, pet," Sophia said, "learn a lesson from it."


  1. God, such a typical sissy, noticing not the girl, but the girl's lingerie!

    And by typical, I mean, just like me.