Thursday, December 14, 2017


She didn't believe you.

You told her over and over you only liked women, but your wife didn't believe you; you told her again and again you weren't interested in men, but she didn't listen.

Because again and again you did what she wanted, sometimes eagerly.

First you licked her clean when she got home from a date.

Then you licked her clean with him there, right after he fucked her.

Next, you licked him clean after he finished, telling yourself it was her juices you wanted, not him.

But she wanted more.


And you did it.

Because eventually, you licked him before he fucked her, fluffed him, got him hard.

Because eventually, you licked him when he didn't fuck her, you sucked his cock, gave him blow jobs even when she wasn't there.

Eventually, his cock was in your mouth regularly.



  1. And you were happy, done hiding, eventually

  2. He eventually locked you in chastity and became your Master and key holder and said the only way you cum from now on is as a gurl being fucked by him.