Saturday, December 9, 2017

Friends With Benefits

As you took the second cock in your mouth, the cum from the first man still in your mouth, your wife leaned over, whispered in your ear. "I lied," she said, "they aren't all know two of them."

Instinctively, you tried to move your hands to the blindfold, but the cuffs held them securely behind you. Instinctively, you tried to pull back, but whoever this man was, he reached forward, held your head steady, his cock in your mouth.

"No, no, pet," she said, "you don't get to peak, I want you to wonder, ever day, ever man you see, every man you know, I want you to wonder if he's one of the men who you sucked, I want you to wonder if he's cum in your mouth, I want you to wonder if he's looking at you, knowing what a sissy slut you are." She reached down, took your balls in her hand, massaged them, felt your penis tighten in the chastity cage.

"Gffmmmmm," you groaned as he fucked your mouth.

"When you sit in your Monday sales meeting, sissy, wonder if the man next to you came in your mouth. When you see a neighbor taking out the trash, wonder if you sucked his cock. When you golf with your friends, wonder if one of them knows that when you're bragging about sex with your wife, you're lying because he knows you're little penis is locked away."


  1. I wonder, do Dominant Wives have a desire to set up this scenario is it just a fantasy for many sissy cuckold husbands?


  2. Similar to the prisoner's dilemma, this is called the sissy predickament.