Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"Susan, what...what are you going here? Amy's in Chicago," I asked my sister in law, surprised to see her sitting in my living room.

"I know. There was apparently an incident this morning she asked me to address."

"In...incident," I swallowed.

"Something about someone being disrespectful, I believe?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about," I lied, confused, why Susan was here, not believing my wife would have said something to her sister about our private life.

"Really? Because Amy said you took a tone with her," Susan narrowed her brow.

"I...maybe...but...I...I mean...that's between Amy and me...and anyways, I apologized," I said, not sure why I needed to defend myself to Susan.

"She told me you apologized," Susan said.

"So...so why are you here?" I asked, confused.

"I understand there are consequences to disrespecting Amy."

"C...consequences?" I said, mouth suddenly dry.

"A spanking?"

"Susan, we...that...that's none of your business!"

"Normally I'd agree, but Amy doesn't think delayed consequences send the right message to a husband."

"She what?"

"Delayed consequences send mixed messages," Susan said, "they let a husband think certain behaviors are appropriate when they're clearly not. So Amy thinks, anyway. Not that I disagree."

"Well, she...she's gone till the end of the week; even if she's right."

"Is she right, David?"


"Are delayed consequences unfair?"

"I...I suppose they are," I said, thinking I'd avoid having my ass reddened when Amy got home.

"I'm glad you see things her way, David; we wondered if you'd accept it this way."

"Wait...what way?" I asked.

"A spanking from me," she said, crossing her hands over her lap.

"F...from you?" I asked, eyes wide open. "Wait a minute..."

"Get the brush, David," Susan said.

"Wait a minute, you...you can't...Susan!"

"I understand there are special garments, too," Susan said.

My eyes went wide. "She...she didn't!"

"Special panties, I believe," Susan said grinning, "to remind misbehaving boys certain things are not tolerated."

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