Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's Time

"He's going to be here in five minutes, honey, we need to get the cage on you," your wife said softly, almost apologetic.

"Jen, please, can't we...can't we skip it?"

"Peter, we talked about this, I know you don't like it but he..."

"Jen," you interrupted, not wanting to hear her say it.

"He insists," she said sympathetically.

You swallowed, knew deep down inside it was your own least partially. "It's not fair, it was just one time."

She frowned, you knew she was thinking about that 'one time', that time you misbehaved, masturbated while she was out with him, the scene you caused when he brought her home. His calmness throughout. You knew a switch flipped that night, knew she saw you both different, knew she saw him as the strong, confident man and you, the opposite.

"Peter," she said, "it's just for a week."

That was the rub, of course, he didn't insist just on the night, but the whole week, too. A week in chastity every time they went out, a week in which all you could do is think about them without relief, a week that made you think only of their next night together. A week in which your only relief from the thoughts was to pamper her, serve her, and be intimate in a way that pleased only her.


  1. I second Joanna's comments. A lovely vignette.

    Would you prefer the week before or the week after?

    Do you think other cuckolds would agree? What about their wives?


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  3. Let's try again, this time without the significant typo! LOL

    I just recognized the ironic twist in your naming the cuckold Peter. Perhaps "Peterless" would be more appropriate. LOL


  4. Al, I prefer the week before and the week after!

    1. Such a good sissy wife you are Saragirl! I bet Emily and Matthew are happy to go along with that regime. LOL