Saturday, December 23, 2017


You watch, mesmerized, as he finally pulls out from your wife, eyes locked on her wet pussy, hardly able to believe the mess he made, the sheer volume of it.

"Sweetie," she says, voice but a whisper, beckoning you to her, motioning you towards her with with one finger.

At the moment of truth, you inevitably freeze; it's one thing to talk about fantasies when it's just the two of you, when you're along, when you know it isn't real. But this is something different altogether, this isn't fantasy, this is reality and a man, your wife's lover, has just cum inside her and she wants you to come kneel, lick her clean.

You glance at him for a brief instant, first his face, then between his legs, but you quickly look away from his cum covered cock, which even now, no longer fully erect, is so thick, so masculine.

How can you do this? How can she expect you to kneel between her legs, lick her, clean her? How can she expect you to do this with him watching, judging. You know what he's thinking, don't you? What kind of pervert would let his wife fuck someone else and then lick it clean?

"Little boy," she says, again a whisper, impressing on both you and her lover what kind of pervert you are.

You know you'd never do it without her insisting. As much as you fantasize about it, her asking...demanding, is what brought you here, what makes you kneel, lean towards her. She wants you to do it because it's degrading. She wants you to do it because it bothers you. She wants you to do it because it's a sign of submission, a sign of acceptance.

Of your place compared to him.

When you stick out your tongue, when you taste the first drops, you know know you're being tested, judged. You know no man would ever do what you're doing, no man. Not now. Never.

So lick her clean, now, show him...that you surrender. Serve.


  1. That was so well said. The first time I was ordered to do that was so humiliating. My wife made me lick him first then I had to clean her. I felt so embarrassed and humiliates I felt like crawling under the bed but I know if I didn't do it I would be spanked and then I would do it anyway.

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    2. Dan Mel, would you have done it without the threat of spanking?

      And know how do you feel, humiliated or rewarded?


  2. Sara, I agree with Dan Mel, very well written and, I expect a very accurate portrayal.

    As always, thanks,

  3. I wish it would happen to me. I've never been allowed to watch.

  4. Love the little short . I was wondering when you are going to publish another full length novel. I have all your older books and love them all . I am waiting with great anticipation for a new book . I was also wondering if you have ever considered a part two to any of your previous stories . I have enjoyed all the characters in the books , so you get caught up with them and would love to see more of them

  5. I know my role is to lick her clean, yes, a clear sign of my submission and acceptance. By now i am just grateful to be included at all.

  6. I have asked my wife to let me watch but she says No. She does come to me afterward so I am grateful and thank her when she does. Melinda in Arkansas