Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Such an adorable set for a sissy husband to wear...a good, supportive bra for her budding breasts; extra supportive panties to both feminize her figure and totally hide her sissy clit; and stockings to flatter her long legs.


  1. Love the high-top to conceal the "lust handles"!

  2. The board-flat tummy, tautly gartered stockings, and up-lifted bosoms are so pretty on our sissy. But I hope she does not miss out on the feminine elegance of a 50s-styled, high waist, super-firm control, boned and zippered girdle on occasion too. All day in that style will have her ready for the spanking she earned the day before, the spanking that been on her mind all day with such an effective reminder. A spanking on the broad satin back panel, the "spank spot" designed into her lovely retro girdle. The girdle that will hold in all that spanking heat and keep her bottom hot and tender for the rest of the evening ... or beyond. Probably difficult to sleep in after a thorough bottom warming, still trapped inside.